Before becoming an independent researcher at the National Archives in Kew, London, Bob O'Hara worked for many years at the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). Prior to that he served in the communications branch of the Royal Navy.

Living almost in the shadow of the National Archives at Kew, Bob currently leads a small team of researchers with tertiary degrees in varied relevant subjects and access to a wide range of learned bodies and museums in London. The team holds membership of the Royal Geographic Society and the Society of Genealogists.

Client Testimonials

Nicholas Rankin:

RW O'Hara did sterling work for me in the National Archives

John Derbyshire:

Very many thanks for the receipt of Royal Marines Service History of my Father dating from 1918.

David Mervin

Bob O'Hara is a most helpful and resourceful researcher who has helped me solve several family history mysteries. In my experience, he also operates a very fair charging policy

Alastair Brown

I would like to add my thanks to those of the many other grateful recipients of Bob's Research skills.

David Atherton - Liverpool

I can recommend Bob O'Hara without the slightest hesitation, both for maritime and family history research at the National Archives.

Ian Bates - Queensland

Of particular use has been the introduction of digital images by Internet download...

Ian Bates - Queensland

Now I can request a search of State Papers and have the results on my computer within days. It is such a great help in maintaining continuity of writing.

Colin Heape - Scotland

Bob found a letter in Foreign Office files written by the Governor of British Somaliland in 1921 to Winston Churchill concerning Abyssinia...

Colin Heape - Scotland

The letter proved a story my father had told me as a child about a journey he made on horseback to Jig Jiga.

Ryan Bock - Maryland

Bob and his team were instrumental in helping me complete my doctoral dissertation...

Ryan Bock - Maryland

They sent me precisely what I asked for (and in some cases, I got valuable bonus material!) at a reasonable price.

Shirley de Mestre O'Donovan - Sydney

Bob's knowledge of the military records at the British Archives is extensive...

Shirley de Mestre O'Donovan - Sydney

...but what has impressed me is his perception and his ability to identify the small but important pieces of information.

Caroline Alexander - Lancashire

Bob's research for Mutiny on the Bounty in TNA, resulted in a wealth of obscure material...

Caroline Alexander - Lancashire

He was always attentive to my specific requests and dogged in the hunt when an item could not at first be found. Focussed, efficient and vastly knowledgeable.

Hilary Wild,- Brighton

I was delighted with the research that Bob did for me in finding an ancestor in the Merchant Navy...

Hilary Wild,- Brighton

It was nice to find someone who not only specialises in that field, but who was well acquainted with TNA and their records.

Pam Fitzgerald,- Ontario

Bob did some research for me regarding my ancestor's military records. I found Bob to be very professional and I was well satisfied with the work he did for me.

Kelsey McMillan - Houston

As an 8th Air Force bomb group historian in the United States, I sometimes need UK help...

Kelsey McMillan - Houston

Bob has conducted several research projects for me, and I have found him to be professional and dedicated.

Karen Dickson - Brackley

I would like to thank Bob for making an 'old' lady very happy. My Gran missed the critical years of her father’s life, but with Bob’s help, we provided a plan...

Karen Dickson - Brackley

...that gave Gran the information that she was looking for and how her father survived a U Boat attack.

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