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Testimonials Three
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For a most comprehensive recommendation by amateur genealogist Pat Brimeyer, click here. Pat has very kindly recorded her initial thoughts and apprehensions about engaging the services of a researcher and her subsequent satisfaction after having contracted us to carry out her research. We are grateful for her words of thanks and for having taken the time to express them so thoroughly.

Alastair: "...Two of the reasons I keep coming back to you are:
1. Despite the inevitably incomplete nature of the records you have to trawl through in seeking to construct a coherent and plausible story, you are usually able to put some flesh on the often rather shaky bones which are sometimes all that is available. Put another way, you are able to put the findings in context against the usually much broader picture.
2. Photographic images which you often provide not only give a 'touch of authenticity' to the findings, but also bring home to the reader the real difficulties with which you have to contend in 'reconstructing history'. "

Elynor OlijnykElynor Olijnyk: "Dear Robert,
I have attached a photograph of myself for you to use if you wish. Your amazing discoveries re Acting Lieutenant Charles Robbins RN created a new dimension for my publication "CHARLES ROBBINS RN - 1782-1805, His Place in Maritime History" and have inspired me to write another book due to be published early next year. Your dedication to research is obvious as the results are so rewarding for those of us unable to access the granaries of history. I hope you enjoyed my first book sent to you in 2004. It was very well received in Tasmania - selling over 500 copies for the Bi-Centennial Celebrations of the discovery of Robbins Island. Thank you most sincerely for your wonderful research into the minutiae of Naval history. I wish you success with your new website.
Best Wishes, Elynor Olijnyk".
More recently, Elynor has sent us a complimentary copy of her new book, "Taking Possession: A Saga of the Great South Land".
She wrote: - "Enclosed is a standard copy of my latest book - a small token of gratitude for the remarkable work. Thought you and your Colleagues would enjoy the results of your wonderful research and the revelations discovered re young Charles Robbins..."
500 copies have been published, 100 of which are limited signed editions and Elynor is now marketing the book.

Hilary Wild, Brighton, Sussex: "I was delighted with the research that Bob did for me in finding an ancestor in the Merchant Navy in the 1840's. I don't live near Kew and on my only two visits there I found the whole place rather daunting and as time is limited if you go there for a day trip it was nice to find someone who not only specialises in that field but who was well acquainted with Kew and the records they hold.
I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others as a thorough, knowledgeable and fair priced researcher. He had a professional approach to my initial request and explained in detail beforehand what he would look for and how long he anticipated the search would take.
When I eventually get back onto that particular "branch" of my tree I will definitely contact Bob again for his help".

Duncan Hilston
John Gordon: "Dear Bob,

It's a pleasure to provide a testimonial: you and your helpers have always been both prompt and efficient, and your knowledge of the Royal Navy has helped greatly in my researches on the life of my great-uncle Sir Duncan Hilston, Inspector General of Hospitals and Fleets in the 1890s [pictured].
With best wishes,
John "

Robin Colson: "Dear Bob,
I am most grateful to you for the diligent way in which you keep up the search for my errant ancestor 'Boatswain' James Moore. You have sent me detailed reports and, what is more, copies of the original documents on disk which is particularly helpful.
I am currently awaiting a copy of a document from Kew which I do not expect to reveal anything of moment. I shall then be pestering you again to make some further researches in the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy records.
Kind regards

Jo Money: "I have used Bob's services three times for details of Naval Service Records and have always been very satisfied with the speed and efficiency with which he handled my enquiries. He has always been very friendly and helpful, and I would not hesitate to use him again".

Emmeline Dickie: "I contacted you for help in tracing my father's naval records, when I had not a clue how to do so. You very kindly took on my request and fulfilled my life long desire to know more about my dad when nobody in my immediate family could do so. Through your name being listed alongside the Merchant Navy web page I was looking in, and your quick response to my enquiry, you managed to find some information, and a lot more than I ever expected. I was overjoyed in the fact that I could pass all this info to my brothers and sisters and to be able to see the wonder on their faces; for the older ones it gave them an insight to the dangers and the injuries dad had received before his tragic end on the ship being blown up. To me, never growing up with him or being able to get to know him as a man, it was painful, but I am glad I did it. The stories from my siblings and seeing his naval career in black and white helped to fill in some blanks. Thank you for that".

Pam Fitzgerald, Ontario, Canada: "Bob O'Hara did some research for me regarding my great-grandfather's military records. I found him to be very professional and I was well satisfied with the work he did for me. I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a researcher".

Scougall Book
Rex and Jessie Kirkham, Brisbane Australia:
"Dear Bob,
We are delighted to be included in the group of your supporters who have obviously obtained the same professional, personal and resourceful service that we have received.
Having an experienced contact in the United Kingdom has been of great benefit to our research projects. You have on so many occasions obtained documents on many diverse subjects with information that we did not even know existed. This service has been rewarding and encouraging. With your help, family history has been an interesting, exciting hobby in our retirement.
The image is the cover from one of the Family History books we published. Some of your research was included in this publication.
Rex and Jessie".

Kelsey McMillan: "As an 8th Air Force bomb group historian in the United States, I sometimes need the services of a professional researcher in the UK. Bob O'Hara has conducted several research projects for me over the past two years, and I have found him to be thoroughly professional and dedicated to client satisfaction. He is also courteous and friendly, and his services are fairly priced. I will continue to turn to Bob when I need research performed in England".

R L Adams Mr Robert Lyn Adams, Anglesey, North Wales. - "Dear Bob and Amber, my sincere thanks to you for the railway research you carried out for us in the National Archives at Kew and for the detailed report and attachments you went on to supply us with. The information you found in the archives has helped us to complete a pen picture of my great grandfather's life and has filled in a number of vitally important gaps in his brief 40 year life. The information has helped explain a number of other previously conflicting pieces of information and ties in with other facts we have since discovered about him and his family. I have now finally located my great grandfather's death certificate and his grave and followed up a number of leads on the certificate which has then led to some significant and compelling evidence to explain what happened to him up to his untimely death in 1908. Can I say once again a huge thank you to you for the work you carried out for us and commend you on the highly professional final report and attachments. I wouldn't hesitate to use your services again and will certainly be recommending you to friends and colleagues. Six months ago all we had was a name and a few stories from within our family about my great grandfather. Since then our research collectively and especially the superb results from your research has revealed a fascinating but somewhat sad story about his life. As an aside and purely out of interest we now know that my great grandfather married my great grandmother, Annie Jones in May 1889. As a direct consequence of their brief union together 45 new lives have since resulted none of which would have been alive had it not been for the union of these two people. They went on to have five children, 6 grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren, 15 great great grandchildren and four great great great grandchildren. All of these relatives have now been traced and their stories to date have been documented and included in a wider family history. Fantastic - Thank you..."

Karen Dickson (Brackley) - "Dear Bob.
I would like to thank you for making an 'old' lady very happy.
My Gran missed the critical years of her father Thomas' life and didn't know much at all about his service in the Royal Marine Artillery which started 1904 and spanned both WW1 & WW2 . With your expert help and guidance we came up with a plan that would give my Gran the information that she was looking for. You provided us with his service records and ship's logs so that we were able to follow Thomas on his travels around the world, get an insight into life on board and some of the experiences that he had and how one ship he was on survived a German U-Boat attack.
Your expert knowledge and explanations (especially of terminology) in this area helped us paint an even bigger picture than just the evidence itself. For example, we can now envisage what it would be like arriving at a port, we know just how dirty and strenuous coaling is. We now also know that it is unlikely that Thomas ever met his baby son who was born and sadly died whilst Thomas was on board, after you explained how special leave in these circumstances worked, and there was no record of him being granted it.
The amount of appropriate information that you provided us with, in the time that you took on it, exceeded expectations and we cannot thank you enough. I would highly recommend your research services and would not hesitate to use them again.

Maree Amor Maree Amor, Queensland, Australia.
"Bob did some very thorough 18th Century Royal Navy research for me and was prepared to "go the extra mile" to obtain the information I requested. He sent me digital images of the records, which added an extra dimension to the complete picture. I was happy with Bob's professionalism and recently recommended his services to a relative. I found information about the fee structure and payment methods clear and convenient.
Many thanks, Bob".

Shirley de Mestre O'Donovan.
"During my years of family history research I have never used a researcher. However only last month I was fortunate, very fortunate in fact, to have Bob recommended to me. My brief to him was a look-up and thus I expected only dates and places, but what Bob discovered was much more fascinating and exciting. This thrust our research into an entirely different direction.
Bob's knowledge of the military records at the British Archives is extensive but what has impressed me is his perception and his ability to identify the small but important pieces of information. I recommend Bob's research services without hesitation". (9th May 2013.)

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