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Jill Firman (Exmoor): "Dear Bob
Living, as I do, in the South West of Britain and a long way from the Public Records Office at Kew, I have been delighted to use your services over the last year or so to help in my family history research, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in a similar position. You have produced some amazing results, where I had drawn complete blanks after many months' research on the Internet, and particularly with regard to searches through Metropolitan Police records to find details about my husband's Great Grandfather. You are extremely thorough and conscientious, and the colour photographs of all the documents which you have sent on CD have been so useful. Your charges and flexibility and speed of operation are faultless, and your ability to deal, with apparent ease, with some complicated conundrums has really impressed me.
I shall certainly use you again in the future, and it will be like returning to a friend (not a faceless individual) when I do so. Thank you so much for everything you have achieved on my behalf".

Bonnie HarveyBonnie Harvey: "As an avid genealogist for 30 years, I rarely hire researchers. There is a time and circumstance that bringing in an expert like Bob makes good sense.
I have been to KEW a few times, and found it maddening. My unfamiliarity with the process was daunting, and jet lag did not help. I appreciate having assistance from a professional like Bob. He was able to quickly locate the specific military record I was searching for, and quickly sent me the data in the USA by e-mail. It was wonderful to see the original, too.
In my estimation, it was good use of my time and funds to have Bob's efficient and effective help for military research. I will use his service again without hesitation.
Bonnie Harvey, R.N., J.D."

"Hi Bob,
Good to hear from you. It's been a while since I spent that most enlightening week in Richmond searching for documentation in the public archives. Thanks to your enthusiasm and tenacious determination I was not disappointed with the results. I wish you well.

Steve WapenSteve Wapen: "I was referred to Bob O'Hara through a Park Ranger from the Saratoga National Historic Battlefield (Stillwater, N.Y.) in late 2004. Since that time, Bob has helped me immeasurably in my efforts to uncover numerous forgotten aspects of the mid 18th century frontier outpost of Oswego; situated on the southeastern shores of Lake Ontario. For example, I never knew or read that John Lydius, colonial Indian trader, offered to attack Fort Niagara (French) from Oswego in early fall, 1755, but was turned down by General Shirley, British overall Commander, who wasn't about to risk sharing military laurels (if successful) with Lydius. This is just one example of the fabulous "nuggets of history" that Bob was able to successfully mine in the Public Records Office [TNA] at Kew. Bob's service is excellent with quick turnarounds, made even faster with his use of "YouSendIt" software. Thanks to Bob's findings, a more complete story of the siege and fall of Oswego will be available to future generations."

Elizabeth Reid: "In researching for The Singular Journey of O'Hea's Cross, I had sites to investigate in Ireland of course re Tim's background and family, England with her Public Records Office about his army career, winning his Victoria Cross, and his discharge for medical reasons. Then New Zealand and Australia, where the story became complicated by the imposter, and the bogus Cross. So I have used a number of researchers, with different specialities, but by far the most helpful, thorough and imaginative information, in record time, came from you. And the cost for your expertise was the most acceptable...you don't dawdle around! My heartfelt thanks, Bob."

Trafalgar Captain - DurhamAuthor Hilary L. Rubinstein: wrote in her book, Trafalgar Captain: Durham of the Defiance.

"Without R. W. (Bob) O'Hara's unsurpassed knowledge of the naval (and military) holdings of the Public Record Office [the National Archives] this study could not have proceeded".

More recently she wrote "I shall have no hesitation in calling on your services again, should I require them. Your outstanding knowledge of the records, together with your friendly, fast and efficient service, is a boon to academic historians and family historians alike. Your service struck me as quite exceptional, a leader in its field"

Alistair Mackinnon: "I contracted Bob's services while researching my late Fathers Merchant Navy War record; it has always been of keen interest to all in the family partly because my father never spoke of it. All I knew before contacting Bob was that my father was sunk twice, possibly three times and spent three year in a POW camp in Japan.
Bob discovered the Names of all the Ships my father served on including the dates, positions and circumstances of their sinking. Additional information on these ships including available relevant log book entries and a variety of additional information of interest was supplied. He also supplied available information on my Father's time as a POW in Japan, including personal letters and reports from fellow inmates that were interned at the same camp. With this data I was able to further pursue my research and found details which I'm convinced I would never have been able to discover without Bob's source data. While this information was invaluable to me it came from Bob at a very reasonable price.
I find it difficult to imagine there is any information available on my father's war record in the national archives, which is not now in my possession. I would happily recommend Bob's services to anyone wanting to research specific war records or the history of a loved one".

Bill Scarratt William Scarratt: "Dear Bob,
It is a pleasure to endorse your skill as a researcher. For some considerable time now you have helped me with my family and maritime history projects, and I always turn to you when I need documents tracked down in the PRO, [TNA] or indeed anywhere in London. As you know, I am currently researching the life of William King, master mariner, who was born in 1816 in the village in South Devon where I live. He first appears in Lloyd's Captains Register as Master of the Queen of the East in 1855, but you have found crew agreements going back to 1852 when she was first registered in Dartmouth. From these we discovered that William's previous ship was the Daring, and you tracked down agreements for 1849 onwards. The agreement for the seventh voyage contains the name of William King junior, aged seven years and ten months, when they sailed to St.Croix in the West Indies to bring back fresh fruit. Thus do the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fit together, each one producing a thrill of excitement, and I am relying on you to find lots more."
Bill Scarratt, is the author of Lives and Work at Sea, Herbert Holdsworth, Colin Hannah and the Ship Ladakh.

Gaby Laws: "I contacted Bob to find out more about my dad's time in the army, especially during D-Day. Bob was extremely efficient in getting back to me and offering a variety of sources he could look at for the information I wanted. We agreed on a plan of action and within the time frame Bob said, I duly received his report. I was so impressed with his work that when I moved to researching my husband's family (this time naval records) I immediately emailed Bob and again received a wonderful service.
I will be moving on to my husband's Irish ancestors soon and will again be asking Bob to find me their military records!
Gaby Laws"

live fire canon
Jim Schoenung: "Hi Bob,
I relied upon your professional sleuthing skills several times over the past two years in researching an obscure mid-19th Century British inventor and artillerist.

In all these projects you exercised good judgement and discretion and produced the needed documents in a timely fashion at a more-than-fair price. Your services are greatly appreciated--thanks!"

James E Siddelley, Stockport UK: "I was delighted with the results obtained, which revealed the answer to a 60 year old misunderstanding, as well as some fascinating photographic material, and also long forgotten ship's log entries about my father's movements and responsibilities during WW2. I remain deeply grateful. Thank you."

Jenny Gibson, Toowoomba, Australia: "I find your updated web site much easier to navigate. It also helps me see more clearly what other areas of research you are willing to engage in apart from military records. Two areas that I will eventually follow up with you on individuals in my family tree are the merchant navy records and the coastguard records. I will also eventually be looking for a researcher to do general family history research in London, so knowing you do that as well is useful.
To date, I have found your assistance with researching the WWI military records for various members of my family tree to be very helpful and time efficient. Thank you."

Don Patrick Quigley, Winnipeg Canada: "...I was very happy with the research you did on my great, great, great, grandfather, James Quigley. Until your research, we didn't know which part of Ireland the Quigley's came from, or the history of the Quigley's in Ireland. You added the pieces to the puzzle and now the Quigley's in Canada know the background of our family, all the way to the 18th century in Ireland. Thanking you."

E.M. Connelly: "During my family history research I discovered my grandfather had been in the British Army before 1914. I needed information on his service record. Making enquiries about researching army records I was told Bob O'Hara's your man; He is a first class Military History Researcher. I was to find how true these words were. From the time I contacted him he was on the ball.
Without Bob's help it would have required long days of research at the Public Records Office at Kew and a great deal of luck for me to discover my grandfathers Military Service Records.
My Grandfather was posted to Ireland and from there travelled far and wide in the army with wife and family. This explained why it had been so difficult for me to find birth certificates in England. From the detailed records I received from Bob I was able to build a picture of the life my grandfather, his wife and family had experienced. I would never have managed without Bob's indispensable help. I would recommend Bob O'Hara to anyone wishing to trace their Ancestry especially if they think they have military connections."

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